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Water Conservation

Water Conservation is the focus area of DS Group CSR initiatives. Collective and consistent effort is required to address the shortage of water and the DS Group is committed to improve water security in areas identified as critical and water vulnerable. Water scarcity affects the lives of people, farmers and communities at the basic level and this project aims to alleviate this by ensuring long sustainable solutions.

Ongoing Projects

Creation of Water Economic Zones, Udaipur, Rajasthan

The overall strategy of the project ‘Creation of Water Economic Zones through Integrated Watershed Development’ is to improve the natural resources particularly water and soil to increase productivity of land which can be achieved through reduction in input cost, additional area/source of income and increased production.

The project is aimed to improve the quality of life of tribal and rural community by developing possible water resource subsequently livelihood enhancement through value addition in on farm and off farm activities.

The DS Group has partnered with Mahan Seva Sansthan and Arpan Seva Sansthan for Alsigarh and Kurabad Watershed areas respectively to implement the project. The project will reach out more than 22,000 people from 19 villages, mostly from tribal background. The project will be implemented in around 10,000 hectares in two locations in Udaipur.

The project was launched on World Water Day, 22nd March 2018 and detailed planning was started with the local communities through various tools such as Participatory Rural Appraisal, Focus Group Discussion, Survey and Technical Assessment.

The detailed project report has prepared for the area of 2,607 hectare area (Phase I) where 24 Anicuts (Masonry Check Dams) and 45 Earthen Embankment (Nadi) or Mini Percolation Tanks will be constructed. Apart from the construction of new structures, 8 existing water harvesting structures will be repaired and renovated.

The project will also construct Continuous Contour Trenches (CCT), Deep Continuous Contour Trenches (DCCT), Scattered Continuous Contour Trench, Gabion Structures, Loose Stone Check Dams, Field Bunds, Recharge Pits, Well Deepening, etc. during the implementation.

The DS Group will also introduce various agriculture and livestock related interventions to improve the livelihood of families.

Construction of Water Harvesting Structures in Sikar, Rajasthan

The DS Group has extended its water conservation interventions to the Mokalwas Gram Panchayat in Sikar where seven water harvesting structures are being constructed.

Construction of Water Harvesting Structures in Dungarpur, Rajasthan

The DS Group is running an Integrated Community Development initiative in Surata Panchayat of Dungarpur through ‘Jan Shiksha Evam Vikas Sangthan’ as an implementing agency. Water is an integral part of community development initiative and the project has identified 3 water harvesting structure sites that will be taken on priority during the current year. The design has been completed by technical team and work is on progress on site.

Completed Projects

Deepawas Gram Panchyat is part of Neem Ka Thana block of Sikar District in Rajasthan and one of the water scarce Panchyat of the district.

The DS Group started its water intervention in 2013 in this area, by involving local community and set up a water harvesting structure (Check Dam) on priority, in the runaway water stream in the village. Based on its success, subsequently 5 additional structures were constructed in same area in 2015. Further with involvement of local communities 10 more water harvesting structure were commissioned on water streams of the area. Construction work on all structures was completed in November 2016.

In 2017, the DS Group has also supported Rajasthan Government initiative ‘Mukhya Mantri Jal Swablamban Abhiyan’ by constructing a Water Harvesting Structure on Triveni River in Seepur village of Sikar district, Rajasthan.

Water Conservation Initiative in Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh (Bundelkhand)

The Drought Mitigation program was started in Mahoba District of Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh to establish a model of Farm Ponds to allay the impact of drought in future. The DS project team facilitated the process by spreading awareness, building linkage between Farmers and Government and also building capacity of farmers to identify the site and further in construction of Farm Ponds.

Revival of Traditional Water Structures in Karauli, Rajasthan

The DS Group has partnered with a grassroots level organization ‘Gram Gaurav Sansthan’ for the construction of Pagara and Pokhar in the Daang Region in the Karauli district of Rajasthan. Pagara is a traditional soil and water conservation structure to protect the soil erosion and conserve water for the irrigation and ground water recharge.

The project team has constructed on 13 Pagaras and 2 Pokhars in the identified Bamoda and Angat ka pura villages of Karauli district of Rajasthan. The Gram Gaurav Sansthan has revived a community pond in Bamoda village.

Construction of Water Harvesting Structures (Earhten Nadi) in Udaipur

In the Gogunda Block of Udaipur, Earthen Nadi (an embankment type pond) is more commonly adopted as low cost conservation practice. The DS Group along with a reputed local NGO, ‘Alert Sansthan’ with capacity of community mobilization has started a project to construct eleven ‘Earthen Nadis’ in this block of Udaipur district.

‘Earthen Nadi’, is an embankment type of pond with the provision of a cut-off weir or loose stone waste weir for removal of excess water. The height of the top bund level (T.B.L) and full supply level (F.S.L) depends on the catchment area, amount of the water stored in the nadi and height of the both banks, type of soil etc. The upstream side of the nadi is stone pitched wall. Nine such structures has been constructed under the project.