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Pass Pass

Today's world is increasingly moving away from togetherness with almost everyone constantly talking about escaping into their own space. People are caught with themselves, their own lives, more than ever before which don't leave a lot of room for going out with friends, family and loved ones. In an increasingly interconnected yet isolated social environment, Pass Pass has become what was inherent in its name and its character: social glue.

Pass Pass has become a part of many Indians' lives as their favourite branded mouth freshener and it encourages people to come together, no matter what the age is. It also says that family is the new friend.Generation gap is now a gap too thin and is a myth in today's world.

At Pass Pass, our philosophy of togetherness extends to our product as well. When cool saunf collides with the jagged texture of elaichi; when the sweet world of mishri meets the earthly essence of khajoor - the delightful, guilt-free treat of Pass Pass, India's favourite mouth freshener, is born. So come, experience and celebrate the joy of togetherness with Pass Pass, the mouth freshener that seeks to bring everyone closer.

  • Dry Dates, Fennel, Sugar, Coconut Flakes, Mishri, Coriander Seeds, Melon Seeds, Herbs, Silver Coated Cardamom Seeds.
  • Dry Dates, Fennel, Sugar, Melon Seeds, Catechu, Lime, Herbs, Cardamom Seeds.
  • Fennel, Sugar Coated Coloured Fennel (Confectionary), Dry Dates, Mishri, Coloured Sugar Balls (Confectionary), Sugar, Silver Coated Sugar Balls (Confectionary), Herbs, Silver Coated Cardamom, Rose Petals & Betel Leaves.