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Welcome to the world of Ksheer, the latest from the house of Catch, a brand known for its commitment to quality. Ksheer which means ‘milk’ in Sanskrit is derived from 'Ksheer Sagar'- the mythical ocean of milk, the adobe of Lord Vishnu.

Ksheer strives to spread good health across the nation by sourcing the milk directly from local farmers and processing it in a world-class facility to create the best quality milk and milk products.

The sheer care, love and superlative quality that goes into each of Ksheer product, makes them a healthy habit for India. The Ksheer product range has pure fresh milk, the just-like-home-made Dahi, the heat-busting Chach, the purest of Khoya, the melt-in-the-mouth Paneer, the rich Cow & Desi Ghee, the refreshing Flavored Milk, the quick to mix Dairy Whitener & Creamer and the long lasting UHT Milk, to name a few.

Enter the world of Ksheer - 'Make good health and purity a daily habit'.