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The DS Group ventured into the Dairy business by acquiring the state-of-the-art Dairy Plant at Reengus, near Jaipur, Rajasthan. The Dairy Plant is spread over an area of 10.2 acres and has a capacity to process approximately 6 lakhs litres of milk per day. A second plant was acquired and made operational in Udaipur Rajashtan. This plant has a capacity to process upto 2 lakhs litres of milk per day.

The Plant conforms to the highest sanitary and hygiene standards. The DS Dairy Plant has highest quality and process certifications such as FSSC: 22000:2013, certified by export inspection agency Govt. of India, Agmark, BIS Certification, FSSAI License, etc. milk collection centres. Immediately after collection, the milk is chilled and is brought to the plant in tankers.

Ksheer means ‘milk’ in Sanskrit and is derived from ‘Ksheer Sagar’- the mythical ocean of milk and adobe of Lord Vishnu  that signifies purity and quality. Ksheer, strives to spread good health across the nation by sourcing the milk directly from local farmers and processing it in a world-class facility to create the best quality milk and milk products. The current product basket contains UHT Milk, Cow & Desi Ghee, Fresh Milk, Chaach, Masala Chach, Dahi, Paneer, Khoya, Flavoured milk, Dairy Whitener and Sweet Lassi. Another Dairy brand, Dairymax caters primarily to B2B customers. Skimmed milk powder is the product available under this brand.