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Integrated Community Development

ICD - Surata
Integrated community Development (ICD) Project is an initiative for the overall development of people living in a particular area. In 2015, the DS Group adopted the Surata Gram Panchayat in Dungarpur district under the ICD project, where poverty is widespread and development benefits don’t reach the people. The project aims to strengthen the human, financial and social capital at the household and village level across the Panchayat.

The project focuses on building the capacity of farmers to improve agricultural practices, enhancing crop productivity through use of better seeds, involving farmers in backyard vegetable cultivation to add nutrition in their daily diet, mobilizing women as part of a Self-Help Group Federation to strengthen their financial resources and mobilizing Government schemes and programs that benefit the poor.

Due to difficult topography, around 80% households in Surata village, have no power supply. The project has already provided solar power grid to several deprived households. The project is now also working on water conservation in the areas to enhance the crop productivity.


Creativity Adda: Creativity Adda, is a concept introduced in the Commercial Senior Secondary School and Anglo Sanskrit Victoria Jubilee Senior Secondary School, Daryaganj, Delhi, where students are the co-creators and self designers of their own learning. The concept has developed as a free learning space for the students, which is in continuation with the Group’s efforts and initiatives towards skill development, social entrepreneurship and education. It is a space where school-going children have freedom to pursue and develop their interests everyday without textbooks, exams, or marks…where they collaborate with each other and undertake practical experiments…where they initiate real world projects and interact with diverse people around the city…where they are provided exposure and guidance into new and different ways of living holistically!

Improving Learning Outcomes: This Project has been running in Bichiwara Block of Dungarpur District in Rajasthan since August 2015. The objective is to improve levels of learning of school-going children in 100 schools. The Project has reached out to more than 5800 children and is being implemented in partnership with the Pratham Education Foundation.

Educational Support Centre (ESC) Agra: The ESCs are designed to support non School going students in morning session and school going students in afternoon session to supplement the quality of education. Aryashree Shiksha Samiti, in collaboration with the DS Group, has been running these Centers in the slums of Agra City and nearly 425 children have enrolled in the program.

Improving quality of education among tribals: DS Group is also supporting Adharshila Shiksha Samiti in running eight satellite education centres to supplement the educational training among Sahariya Adivasi Children at the primary school level by supplementing the teaching they receive at the Government schools. The Samiti is also running independent satellite education centres (where there are no schools) in Agra (UP) and in Sheopur, (MP). Around 500 children are enrolled in these schools from eight villages, of which around 69% are from Sahriya tribal community and rest are from other backward groups.

Some of the other programs which have been implemented under the banner of education are the School Kit distribution for the underprivileged children in the beginning of academic session in the North East and YUDAI – an initiative to equip adolescents & youth with the skills to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of their own life by giving them training on various life skills.


Projects under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: As part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the flagship initiative of Government of India, DS Group is constructing community toilet complexes in the slums of Lucknow. The local community was empowered to undertake the construction of the facility and take responsibility for its maintenance by user committees.

Access to water and hygiene: A project that aims to improve access to clean water and better hygiene for slum dwellers of Sector 8, 9 & 10 in Noida has also been undertaken. This project involves the slum community to build awareness on health and hygiene and take ownership of facilities that are constructed for their benefit. The project is being implemented through the Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence.

Development of Varanasi Ghats: To make a qualitative difference to the Varanasi landscape and to aid the government’s Namami Gange Project, DS Group has adopted 6 prominent Ghats at Varanasi –Shivala, Mahanirvana, Dandi, Guleria, Niranjani Akhada and Chet Singh Kila Ghat for maintenance and cleanliness. The Group has undertaken activities such as silt removal from stairs of ghats, installation of dustbins & Holy bins, repairing of safety railings, cleaning and repairing of drainage on these ghats.

Other than the above projects, a project to promote the safe drinking water practices in the rural communities of Assam and slums of Delhi & NCR region with the participation of the community while focusing on long term sustainability was also implemented. The project was executed in 85 villages in the Kamrup District of Assam and reached out to more than 25000 families.


DS Mobile Clinics: The Medical and Health initiative of the company offered its services at the doorstep for people living in remote areas of North East and select areas in Delhi NCR. A well equipped medical van, with a qualified doctor and trained medical staff offered basic services like consultation, medicine and referral, free of cost. The critical cases were referred to the nearby hospitals and in case of extreme emergency; the mobile van also used to transport the patient to the hospital. Contingent to the requirement, some villages were visited twice in a month. Specially designed health awareness campaigns on various health issues like Malnutrition; Maternal and newborn care; Immunization; Seasonal diseases like malaria, Dengue, Diarrhoea, Cancer, etc. also used to be conducted.

Gender Sensitization Initiative

A gender sensitization program has been initiated for children of slum areas of Sector 8, 9 and 10 in Noida since April 2016. The Social and Development Research and Action Group (SADRAG) are the implementation partner for the project.

Restoring Heritage

Heritage is our legacy from the past, to be preserved and passed to future generations. Our culture and monumental heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration. The DS Group was involved in the restoring many monuments, temples and other important historic landmarks in North East.

Disaster Relief

The DS Group believes in extending quick help in response to any disaster that the strikes the country. The Company has extended help to the victims affected by various natural calamities and has actively supported various relief operations during disasters like floods in J&K, Uttarakhand, Leh and Assam and has provided succor and support after the devastating Tsunami in Tamil Nadu.