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Pass Pass Chingles, the fun filled mini chewing gum promises to bring out the prankster in all of us. Offering a lip smacking Tutti Frutti, a splash of Mint freshness, a squirt of Nimbu tanginess and a sliver of Saunf in multi-serve packs, Chingles gives the unique option of freshening the mouth multiple times with just a single pack. ‘Chew a cola’ is the new and exciting ‘Cola’ flavor that has been added to the repertoire.

Every piece of the Chingles “Mini” gum is crafted with a lot of effort and precision. Chingles offers 4 invigorating flavours of Tutti Frutti, Mint, Nimbu and Saunf-all time favourites of the Indian palate.

The young consumer’s preferences are evolving and this product is designed to cater to them by providing innovative flavours in a refreshingly unique “mini” gum format.